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  • Muhamedgareev A. F.

    We thank the company for giving Mielta our company equipment Mielta M3. Prior to that, our company has worked with a variety of types of equipment, but the on-board unit Mielta M3 we were pleasantly surprised. Value for money and quality on 5 points.

    Equipment reliability, failure did not give, the relationship goes instantly and most importantly, where it had not been installed on-board unit, it surely takes a large number of satellites.

    General Director of LLC "New Technologies"

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A new version of the tracker Mielta M3 firmware and configurator

Mielta company has released a new firmware version of the Mielta M3 satellite terminal. The version number on the update server is 279. Along with the firmware, there is a new version 1.2.75 of the tracker configurator.

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07 нояб. 2017 16:31

Dear colleagues and partners! Mielta has changed its update server. In order for the Mielta M3 and Mielta M5 satellite terminals to update the firmware, as before, it is necessary to send each command «set updserverip».

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