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A new version of the tracker Mielta M3 firmware and configurator

Mielta company has released a new firmware version of the Mielta M3 satellite terminal. The version number on the update server is 279. Along with the firmware, there is a new version 1.5.75 of the tracker configurator.

New firmware functionality:

  • sending of the temperature value of the tires with the PressurePro ACT (Access Control Tool ) connected to the statistics server is added (the temperature zone number corresponds to the documentation of the ACT);
  • a low-frequency measurement mode from 0 to 40 Hz with an accuracy of 0.1 Hz has been added;
  • the ability to send diagnostic information about the status of GSM communication to the server has been added;
  • the ability to choose the way of synchronization of the internal clock of the terminal has been added;
  • receiving statistics about the work of the internal clock of the terminal command has been added.

Corrections and improvements:

  • an error that might lead to the loss of track points during vehicle traffic, as well as to a long search for satellites after powering the terminal has been fixed;
  • an error that could result in loss of data received from the can-logger CAN-FMS3 has been eliminated;
  • an error that could cause loss of track points when uploading data from the built-in terminal memory has been fixed.

Download firmware here.


New functionality of the terminal MIELTA configurator:

  • temperature zones displaying for PressurePro sensors has been added;
  • support for the low frequency (0.40 Hz) measurement mode at the frequency / inverting inputs has been added;
  • tick of sending diagnostic messages of the GSM-module to the monitoring server has been added.

Corrections and improvements:

  • translation of some interface elements has been eliminated.

Download the configurator here.

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