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Mielta M1 is a small, easy-to-use and economical car tracker. It’s small size (only 7x5 cm), built-in antennas (GPS, GSM, Bluetooth) and a minimum number of connecting wires greatly facilitate the installation of the tracker. RS-485 and 1-Wire interfaces allow you to connect up to 16 digital sensors.

Due to a unique power source, the tracker can effectively work both from the vehicle’s on-board network and the USB connector. In the Mielta M1 arsenal there are also two universal ports, a black box with 10,000 points, one SIM - card and an integrated accelerometer.

Area of applications
Power 5 – 36 V
Power consumption Average 1 W
Battery No
Universal port 2
Analog input Voltage from 0 to 36 V, the input resistance is 30 kΩ, the bit width of 10 bits
Discrete input 3.3 В, input resistance: 20 kΩ, Protected frequency up to 10 kHz, counter 1000000
Discrete output Open collector, current up to 200 mA, protection against self-induction
1-Wire Built-in, up to 8 devices on bus
RS-485 Built-in, up to 8 devices on bus
USB 2.0 Configuration, firmware update, data transmission, power supply
GPS/GLONASS - antenna Built-in 25x25 mm
GSM-antenna Built-in
Bluetooth 3.0 Built-in, configuration, firmware update, data transmission
Built-in memory 4 MB, 10000 points
SIM-card 1, micro-SIM, hot swap, optional SIM-chip
Data transmit protocol Wialon IPS 1.1, IPS 2.0, binary
Ingress protection IP44
Operation temperature From -40 до +80 °С
Dimensions 49 х 64 х 17 mm
Weight 60 g
The main office 392000, Tambov,
Urozhainaya st., 2L
+7 800 550-68-78
Commercial Department +7 (962) 233-63-83,
Technical support teh@mielta.ru


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