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The device is designed for determining the position in space and measuring the angles of both absolute and differential deviation. It is used to control the operation of various mechanisms in the automotive and agricultural machinery.

The tilt sensor Mielta has several algorithms, which increases the scope of the device: the ability to work with a relative tilt angle in three-dimensional coordinate system.

  • Specialized algorithm for data smoothing provides more readable data.
  • Housing that meets the high requirements for strength and a metal sleeve with a length of 1.5 m provides an opportunity to use the sensor in hazardous areas.

Area of applications
External power 10 — 36 V
Current consumption 40 mA
Measured angles range 0 — 180°
Data refresh interval 1 – 30 sec
Frequency output 500 – 680 Hz
Resolution 1°/Hz
Frequency output load (max) +10/-100 mA
RS485 baud rate 9600 bit/sec
Protocol Modbus
Digital outputs load -100 mA
Operating temperature -40 — +50 °C
Degree of protection IP66
Weight 150 g
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Urozhainaya st., 2L
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Commercial Department +7 (962) 233-63-83,
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