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The system display is an electronic device designed to operate in couple with navigation terminals Mielta M3 (Mielta M5) and intended to display measurement and status data.

Connection to the terminal is performed by using RS-485 interface. Multiple displays [can be connected] to one terminal.

The display is available in two versions: regular (IP40), which is assumed to be installed indoor or in the vehicle, and protected (IP65), allowing its installation outdoors. In the future we plan to expand the functionality of the display to solve a broader range of tasks.

Area of applications
External power 10 – 40 V
protection against reverse polarity, resettable fuse.
Power consumption 0.3 – 1.2 W (depending on the LCD backlight brightness)
RS-485 interface 115200 b/s, MIELTA protocol
USB 2.0 interface Configuration, data exchange, firmware update, power supply.
LCD 132x64 pixels, diagonal 2.7”, white backlight
Size 83х67 mm version 01
145х91 mm version 02
Weight 120 g. version 01
350 g. version 02
Degree of protection IP40 version 01
IP65 version 02
Operating temperature from -30 °С to +60 °С
Storage temperature from -35°С to +70 °С
Setup Screen menu, configurator program
Hardware support Mielta M3, Mielta M5 terminals
The displayed data
  • date and time
  • measured data from the terminal embedded sensors (frequency/digital inputs, onboard power supply voltage, temperature, built-in rechargeable battery status)
  • terminal status information (connection to the GSM network (no connection / home area / roaming), active SIM card, GSM signal level, GPRS activity, Wialon server connection, number of visible GPS satellites, vehicle speed)
  • measurement data from external peripheral devices (sensors) connected to the terminal
  • the volume of the current refueling, the total amount of refills per day, the total volume of all refills during entire period of measurements can be displayed when device is installed as a part of gas station (flow sensor must be connected to the terminal)
  • the volume of fuel in the tank (supports up to two fuel tanks, two fuel sensors in each tank, can load up to two calibration tables for each fuel sensor, each table can contain up to 128 items)
  • the amount of fuel poured into the tank at the gas station (filling volume)
  • text assigned to iButton key ID, for example, the full name of the employee (built-in database of IDs allows you to store up to 1100 assignments with “ID” – “text string” pattern)
  • on-screen notification and a beep when a new iButton key detected
  • audible confirmation of button presses (optional)
  • adjust LCD backlight brightness
  • adjust of the display contrast
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