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The fuel level sensor is used in vehicles, agricultural and special machinery, storage facilities and containers for various applications. The measuring part has a variable length, sealed and oil-resistant housing, rugged metal flange for fastening and cable in a synthetic braid. Precision electric meter and software data processing ensure the declared accuracy of measurements in the entire temperature range.

The scheme of power supply of the sensor is intrinsically safe and complies with GOST R IEC 60079-11-2010. Three-band galvanic denouement allows connecting it to any power sources and devices of data capture, also at remote sites, with a potential difference of up to 1000 V.

Configurable frequency output and digital interface RS485 with Omnicom protocol support enable to build a control system for each object at different data exchange speeds. Advanced protocol configuration and data exchange, updates software, password protection, change of history settings and the possibility of storing the calibration table in conjunction with the configurator program for PC gives the ability to flexibly and efficiently configure the sensor. In case of emergency situations (exceeding the maximum level, the breakage of the measuring sensor, water short circuit) sensor reports about it by special codes that allows you to quickly identify the malfunction and to take the necessary actions.

Area of applications
Voltage 8 – 55 V
Average power consumption 0.5 W
The measurement period 1 sec.
The averaging interval 1-60 sec.
The relative measurement error across the range 1%
The length of the measuring part 200-2000 mm
The frequency output, range max 30-2048 Hz
The discrete frequency output 1 Hz
Lifting frequency output to the power supply 2 kΩHm
Frequency output current limitation 0.5 A
Speed RS485 9600, 19200, 38400 57600, 115200 baud, 8n1
Galvanic isolation:
Power supply, frequency output – digital interfaces 1000 V
Power supply, frequency output – case 1000 V
case – digital interfaces 1000 V
Operating temperature -40..+80 °C
Degree of protection housing IP68
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