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The assembly kit is designed for fast and professional installation of monitoring equipment in transport and agricultural machinery. It is made of a strong cable in synthetic braiding, equipped with terminals for connection to the on-board battery. Has a power controller KPA-4601-03.

Area of applications
Voltage 5-55 V
Current consumption Load turned on – less than 10 mA
Load turned off – 0,1 mA
Load current Continuous - 1.5 A
Short-term - 2 A (30 sec)
Impulse – 3 A (1 sec)
Electronic fuse actuating current 4-5 А
Electronic fuse response time 4 ms
Resettable fuse actuating current 3,5 А
Resettable fuse response time 10 s (5 A load current)
Turn-off voltage 12.1 V for single accumulator battery
24.2 V for two accumulator batteries
Switch-off voltage 12.5 V for single accumulator battery
25.0 V for two accumulator batteries
Signal output Optoelectronic transistor with 4.7 kOhm pull-up resistor
Signal output current +2/-20 mА
Ingress protection IP65
Operation temperature from -40 to +60 °С
Length 10 m, 7 m, 4 m
Clips diameters 10 mm, 8 mm
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