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Absolutely new device, which has no analogues on the Russian market. The UPS provides protection of consumers against overvoltage and short circuits in a vehicle electrical system, capable for maintaining the operability of devices within 24 hours with no power.

Able to work in a range of voltages from 9 to 36 V and outputs galvanically isolated voltage from 12 to 14 V with minimal noise. Recommended for vehicles with unstable charging system, a powerful consumer of electricity, weak noise immunity, as well as to ensure the operation of devices in emergency situations. UPS is fully autonomous and requires no maintenance.

Area of applications
External power 10 — 36 V
Current consumption (maximum) 2 A
Current consumption (without charging battery) 50 mA
Output voltage 11 — 15 V
Output current (continuous) 0.7 A
Output current (short-term) 3 V
Capacity of built-in battery 7 A*h
Limitation of discharge voltage 10.8 V
Temperature compensation of charge 20 mV/°C
Operating temperature -40 — +50 °C
Degree of protection IP65
Weight 2.5 kg
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