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The device is designed to operate as part of onboard GPS/GLONASS monitoring system. Controller is intended to protect from onboard voltage overruns and onboard accumulator full discharge. Device has a short-circuit protection also.

Using the power controller with monitoring system guarantees the integrity and availability of the onboard accumulator during long parking and winter time operation.

Area of applications
Input voltage 8 – 36 V, pulse noise protection, reverse polarity protection, electronic and resettable fuses.
Current consumption Load turned on – less than 10 mA
Load turned off – 0,1 mA
Load current Continuous - 1.5 A
Short-term - 2 A
Electronic fuse actuating current 4 - 5 A
Electronic fuse response time 1 ms
Resettable fuse actuating current 3,5 A
Resettable fuse response time 12 sec (3.5 A load current)
Discharge voltage protection 12.2 V for single accumulator battery
24.4 V, for two accumulator batteries
Signal output Optoelectronic transistor with 4.7 kOhm pull-up resistor
Signal output current +2/-20 mA
Protection degree IP68
Operation temperature -40 .. +60 °С
Dimensions 70 х 25 х 8 mm
Weight 20 g.
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