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Tracker Mielta M3 with PressurePro protocol support

Mielta Technology regularly replenishes the list of devices that are compatible with the equipment it produces. The latest of such integration has become the implementation of support for the PressurePro protocol in Mielta M3 satellite tracker for the official distributor of PressurePro systems produced by SKD-Import in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

Tires are the second most expensive items of expenditure in the operation of freight transport after fuel. If the task of controlling fuel consumption is successfully accomplished by installing the Mielta ZOND fuel level sensor, tire pressure checkup is less common in the monitoring market.

The PressurePro system consists of a set of wireless sensors on the wheels and a control unit in the driver's cab that can serve up to 80 sensors at a time. The module warns the driver of a dangerous change in tire pressure, which helps to prevent serious problems on the road

What are the advantages of Mielta M3 and PressurePro integration?

Improved firmware of Mielta M3 tracker allows you to upload the combined data of the PressurePro system to the Wialon satellite monitoring server. The data set includes the serial number, temperature and pressure in the bus, signal strength, the time of the last sensor communication with the system, and the ticks of the alarms. In addition, the firmware allows you to flexibly configure the set of output data, for example, the number of connected sensors.

Thus, the user is enabled to monitor the status of the tires online even on  his own smartphone and respond quickly to critical changes. A competent approach to the operation of tires allows not only to save considerably on repair and replacement, but also ensures the safety of driving.

PressurePro is just one of the protocols supported by the Mielta M3 satellite tracker. A full list can be found at this link.

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